Importing External Images and Assignments

ModMath lets you import images, crop sections of the image, and place the cropped image directly into your workbook. To do this:

  1. Select (tap) a cell on the workbook where you want to place your imported image.
  2. Tap the import icon in the toolbar on the left side.
  3. Use the camera to take a photo of your document. You can take a photo of a printed document or take a photo of the the document displayed on your computer's display.
  4. Crop the section you want to use by dragging the rectangular window around your image. Change the size of the rectangle by dragging the blue corner dots.
  5. When you are finished cropping your image tap done to import the section of the image on to the workbook.
  6. To move the image around the worksheet long tap the image until you see the red marquee, then drag.
  7. To delete the image single tap it and tap clear on the keypad.

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